Day 19 Five fears

This is the hardest writing prompt so far because I never like to think about my fears. It’s right up there with my weaknesses in that I don’t consider them often. Why think on those things when I can reflect on my greatness and possibilities;  when there are things noble, just and true to consider?

Nevertheless, that’s the challenge for today. Five of my fears in no particular order:

1.I’m afraid of escalators.I know it’s completely not rational, but I am sure it is a manifestation of my agoraphobia. I don’t like them.

2. I’m kinda afraid of dogs and that is the direct result of being bitten when I was about 8 years old. I was walking down Svec with my sister and her friend Geretta, when a German shepherd came charging out of the house. I remember seeing my sister reaching for me as they ran in the street, but I didn’t react fast enough and the dog bit me. Now because a lot of my friends have dogs, I have learned to manage my fear a little, but I don’t really like them.

3. I’m afraid of mice and other small rodents because they are creepy and wrong.

4. I don’t really like funerals and to be more specific, I am afraid of dead bodies. I think it’s because I went to a funeral with my mom when I was really young and I just didn’t understand what I was seeing and never quite got over it. What’s funny is that when I worked for the church, funerals were my responsibility. God has a sense of humor.

5.I’m afraid of dying alone. You know one of those stories of someone dying in their home and nobody notices. It’s why whenever I get really sick, I have to call someone to come over. Maybe it’s vanity, but I would hope that when my transistion comes, that someone will notice and acknowledge that I had a place in this world.


2 responses to “Day 19 Five fears”

  1. I have a friend who doesn’t like escalators. If there aren’t any stairs, she makes us go on ahead of her and she rushes down the escalator. I don’t like going in elevators by myself since I have a fear that the doors won’t open again.


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