Day 14 My Life in 7 years

If you had asked me about my life in seven years when I was 25, then you would have received a well articulated 7 point plan about the direction of my life. I had goals and dreams and determination. Nothing was going to stop me, nothing was going to turn me around. And then life happened. Don’t get me wrong, I did achieve many of my goals, but by the time I turned 30, I was very far from the path I saw for myself at 25. Very, very far. So twenty years later and you ask me about my life in seven years and I am uncertain about how to respond. I still have goals and dreams, but I am clear that my life is not my own. I’m called, chosen, set apart fir God’s exclusive use and it took the hard lessons learned over the past twenty years of my life for me to realize that God’s plan will always supersede mine.

Consequently, in seven years I hope that I am on the path that God has chosen for me. In seven years, I hope that I am satisfied with Jesus alone. In seven years, I hope that my greatest desire is for the Holy Spirit to fully reign in my life. In seven years, I want to have a renewed mind and the fortitude to endure the trials and tribulations of this world with grace until Jesus cracks the sky.


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