Day 9 – My thoughts on ageism

Any type of discrimination is crazy, but I think I might be especially sensitive to ageism.  My parents were a little older than my peers’ parents as they got married and had me later in life so I was constantly responding to questions like: Is that your grandfather? or How old are your parents?  It bothered me a little because other than moving a little slowly, my parents were very capable.  They both worked until very late in life.  Even after my father retired, he still had a part time job as a custodian at one of the office buildings downtown and my mother was always busy doing something. Always. As a result, I think I gravitate towards older people. Most of my friends are older than me and I prefer to date older men (although my track record is about 50/50 in that area). I volunteer at the senior center in my neighborhood and in social settings, I more than likely will find my way to the oldest person in the room.  It might be a sense of security or maybe I just appreciate the history that their presence represents.


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