It’s in his kiss

Day 3 – Your first kiss or first love; if they are different people discuss both

His name was Michael. We met in the office of the student government advisor. In fact, she introduced us because neither of us had a date for the prom. As vice president of the senior class, prom was my responsibility and I had spent so much time planning for prom that my advisor thought it only right that I should have a date so she introduced me to Michael. I was grateful because that was an emotional time for me. I was completely devastated because the guy I really liked was taking someone else to the prom. While that would have been hard enough to deal with, it was compounded by the fact that one of my friends had been encouraging me to pursue this guy  because he really liked me but was afraid etc.only to discover that it was all a lie and that my friend had been manipulating both of us because he was bored and a great meltdown and girl fight might be fun. Seriously. I was the Desdemona to his Iago in a most tragic high school drama. Seriously.

Consequently, Michael was a welcome distraction. I had never seen him at school before but he knew who I was and we got along well. It was not a great romance but we liked each other well enough. Technically, our first kiss was after prom aswe dropped him off at his house. (Prom day transportation is another dramatic story that I will tell another time.) But we went out a couple of times after that and that is when we had our first real kiss. I don’t remember what we had done that day, but we ended up at his house. His mom told him to show me around the house and the radio was playing in one of the rooms. He asked me to dance which was equal parts corny and sweet and all I could think about was that I was glad I was having a good hair day. When he finally kissed me, I was not exactly sure about the mechanics, but I had read enough teen novels over the years to figure it out. It was nice.Very gentle.

As for my first love, because Michael was definitely not that, I don’t think I am ready to talk about that. After all these years,our relationship is still quite unresolved and that is unfortunate because it is only because I didn’t have the language to really tell him everything I should have at the time. So we remain disconnected and drifting on a memory.


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